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Even with a teeny car, I use too much gas for work and road trips.

So I’ve been doing design work for Advanced Biofuels USA, a worthy organization within walking distance.  They’ve been busy this June. The sign I created in the photo below has been to: the Go Green Energy Expo on June 13,  the Capital Hill Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Expo in DC  on June 16, and The American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Initiative Conference in DC on  June 21-23.

This reminds me that I’m overdue for a trip to DC.  Preferably on the MARC Train since my car doesn’t run on algae .  .  . yet.

go green

Executive Director Joanne Ivancic (left) and volunteer Michelle Pelescak of Advanced Biofuels USA stand with Congressman Roscoe Bartlett at the Go Green Expo at the Frederick Fairgrounds.


Swimsuit Goddesses

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With beach and pool season here, I’m reminded of a project I finished in March 2011 for The Earth Day Art Challenge. The show was sponsored by The Muse in Frederick, Maryland.

earth detailThe inspiration came from molded plastic torsos that held bathing suits purchased at Costco. I was irritated by the amount of packaging that came with such a small amount of fabric, but over the years I bought two of those suits. I kept the torsos, certain that they’d eventually find themselves in an art project.

I’ve always enjoyed collage cloud detailthat incorporates found objects. Using the torso as a base, I added: feathers from an old Halloween costume; scraps of wrapping paper, wallpaper, magazine photos, dress patterns, and rice paper; broken jewelry; pieces of a crocheted tablecloth; and ribbon and silk flowers from a discarded wreath. In keeping with the upcycling theme, I also used leftover paint from DIY painting projects (bathroom and hallway) instead of acrylics from the art supply store.

Besides costing nothing and being environmentally friendly, these pieces are extremely lightweight. They look substantial but could be hung on the wall with a thumbtack.

Sky Goddess, 14" X 34"

Earth Goddess, 14" X 34"