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80-Hour Film Fest

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This year I participated in Frederick’s 72 Film Fest. My teammates and I had the difficult task of making a five-minute movie in just one weekend. It was aggravating and exhausting and strangely fun. In short, the best kind of learning experience.  There were some problems with what we turned in, but as beginners we were happy to have something ready by the deadline.

I spent another day editing the project so we’d have a decent DVD for our actors and for any future use. This one was was much better. Too bad it wasn’t an 80-hour film fest.


Room 37

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My space at Artomatic Frederick is centrally located and looks good at night and incredible during the day. There are two big windows that let in north light. Though we didn’t meet until, Artomatic, Julie Maynard, Shannon Beatty, and I create art that works well together. There’s something to be said for contrast, but we enjoy our room’s cohesive, garden atmosphere. And I couldn’t have asked for nicer “roomates.”

I defined my space with Behr paint that was left over from a home DIY project. (This isn’t an advertisement, but I must mention that the stuff covered red in only one coat.)

I meant to do something creative with signage, but it’s been a busy fall so it just wasn’t happening. I made a couple of simple versions in InDesign and tiled and printed them on my home printer. I sloppily taped the best one together and hung it up to make sure it worked. Then I had an intact version printed and dry mounted.

I knew three of my mixed media paintings with vintage dresses would anchor the space. I put the largest on an old aluminum easel in front of the door. The easel was covered with paint from numerous projects, so I just slapped a coat of the wall color on it and it looked pretty good.

Once the other two paintings were hung, I needed to figure out how to fill in. I had a lot of smaller pieces to choose from. To make it easier, I made patterns by tracing the art onto brown paper, cutting it out, and taping the paper in place. This was really helpful in visualizing the layout before pounding any nails.

Because the building is 27,000 square feet and there are over 250 artists to check out, we thought it would be good to give people a place to rest . . . while looking at our work. I brought in two metal patio chairs that fit the space physically and aesthetically.

The room was completed with Susie Remmers’ beautiful plants. The company she owns provided plants throughout the building which makes it all seem more permanent. Thanks, Susie!