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Don’t Fear the Hellhound

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I’m not usually one for straightforward dog portraits, but I had fun with this collage.

The subject’s name is Nyx, named after the ancient Greek goddess of Night. She was the daughter of Chaos and the mother of Sleep and Death.

The mythological Nyx is a dark and mysterious figure. The canine Nyx is more of a good-natured watchdog.

So I took some artistic license and recast Nyx as Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guarded the gates of Hades. I think it suits her.



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SIMPLICITY. Mixed Media with Vintage Dress. 36"X48"

SIMPLICITY. Mixed Media with Vintage Dress. 36″X48″

I’m honored to report that one of my pieces received first place at the 2013 FCAA Members’ show. As always, it was a beautiful exhibit so I was surprised as well as pleased.

Exhibit Committee: Craig Cavin, Bill O’Donnell, Jayma Kessing, Diane Seiberich
Juror: Susan Williamson, Curator at Carroll County Arts Council

First Place, Karen Peacock, Simplicity (mixed media)

Second Place, Jan McIntyreDusk (oil on panel)

Third Place, Linda Agar-HendrixAutumn Mosaic, (ceramic with photo transfer)

People’s Choice, Sonia Gadra, Grisaille (oil on panel)

Honorable Mention, Elza DimaA Walk in the Woods (acrylic)

Honorable Mention, Peter Plant, Glaggett Center (acrylic)

Honorable Mention, Cindy StegleLooking Outward, Looking Inward (photography)

Honorable Mention, Mick WilliamsDon’t Fade Away (watercolor)

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